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To defeat the ColecoVision

During the winter Consumer Electronic Show in January 1983, Mattel present the project Intellivision III. The rival ColecoVision is gaining big percentage of the american market, and that's why Mattel decide to "jump" one console generation to propose the machine of the decade.
For several months, all the gaming magazines speak about this amazing hardware.
The graphic chipset shouyld be capable of high resolution 320x192 pixels.
The audio processor perform 6 stereo channels and the module Intellivoice should be integrated in the console.
The Intellivision III would be the first console to provide built-in retro compatibility with all the existing carts.
Even the controllers should be substituded by wireless infrared joypad!
Maybe too many improvement in one step: after much rumour, the project is dismissed at the summer Consumer Electronic Show the same year, when Mattel annonce that the features of Itellivision III would be integrated in the Entertainment Computer System.
The suddendly dead console will have a comeback thans to INTV Corp. in 1987, when the INTV System IV will be announced... but never marketed.


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