Intellivision World

A jump in the future

The economic asset of Mattel in 1983 is getting worse. Last hope for the resurrection is a top secret harware called Decade.
The meaning of the name is to take the Mattel Electronics to the end of years eighty.
TheIntellivision IV Master Component, conceived between 1982 and 1983, proposed the top hardware solution for the time.
The central processor was the Motorola 68000, same as upcoming Commodore Amiga and Apple Macintosh.
A specific chip for the video output, called Magic, would be able to show 240x192 pixels at 16 selectable colors, 4 color sprites and hardware scrolling.
Games would use 3D graphic for the first time, and native sintetic voice. All the peripheral would be controlled by the Combo chip.
Also a built in modem were announced.
Intellivision IV had really the potential to change the destiny of Mattel Electronics, but in July 1983, when president Mack Morris take the place of Josh Denham, the company dismiss the project to start the conversion in software publisher.


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