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The new millennium

In 2001 Intellivision Productions distribute the collection of games Intellivision Rocks for PC and Mac.
The same year THQ Wireless convert some Intellivision classics for mobile phones.
Intellivision Productions also propose a music CD featuring original and remixed soundtracks, with the title Intellivision in Hi-Fi.

To connect directly to TV, there are the Intellivision Hits 10 e Intellivision Hits 25.
For the new generation consoles PS2 and Xbox there are the Intellivision Lives emulators.
Again Intellivision Production is the manufacturer of an HandHeld line reproducing several classics.
In year 2004, IntelligentVision is the first company to distribute brand new games: Stonix and MineHunter, developed by Arnauld Chevallier and Ryan Kinnen, thanks to the hardware consulting of Joe Zbiciak and Chad Schell.

More and more is coming. To be updated about the Intellivision world, read daily the News area.


Intellivision World

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