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The dream is now reality!

Welcome everyone.
This is a special day for the Intellivision collectors and all the retrogamers.
IntellivisionWorld is proud to announce that the makeINTVgame project is coming back after a long period of restyling, with a new layout and new resources.

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MakeINTVgame started in April 2000 thanks to the collector, journalist and engineer Valter Prette. The aim of the original project was to promote the development of brand new games for Intellivision, made with the complete package, boxes and overlays. The hope was to bring back the magnificent artistic inspiration that let Mattel produce hits as Utopia or Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
During his first year, makeINTVgame obtained the collaboration of the most important people in the retrogaming community, launched the makeINTVgame OS (official supporter) initiative and recognized the work of the most relevant developers and producers by giving the CGAC (Classic Gaming Award Council) award.

The dream of some year ago is now a reality...

Thanks to the help of collectors, the artwork of several web artists, the creation of the biggest mailing list of Intellivision fans and the marketing inquiries it made, makeINTVgame believes to have contributed to the beginning of the garage development, for so long inactive.
The technical and economic constraints to the production of Intellivision cartridges are the reason why collectors must wait longtime to see new items, during the years of Atari VCS reign in the retrogaming scenario.
This is now different: many things are changed because of the work of few developers and producers that proposed new games in the beginning of the new millennium, like it was hoped by the original message of makeINTVgame (can Intellivision born again in year 2000?).

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We recognize the effort made out there, and we believe that is time to come back offering our help and promoting new projects. This is why makeINTVgame join with IntellivisionWorld original idea of Pierluca Bianchi, to offer more professional contents.
IntellivisionWorld starts with important objectives: to became the reference in Italy about the Mattel console, and realize the first official census ever made in the world, discovering the major collectors and involving them in technical and marketing issues.
IntellivisionWorld also wants to become the most up to date and most completed database of information, reviews and previews about Intellivision.
IntellivisionWorld wants to promote the production of new games, and want them to restore the original legendary quality of Mattel boxes and manuals.
IntellivisionWorld finally wants to contribute to the production of artworks and gadget for collectors, made by the passionate work of professional artists.
This is IntellivisionWorld, but this is mostly your world: any suggestion from collectors will be our inspiration source.
The dream of some year ago is now a reality: we'll work together not to let it disappear anymore.

Valter Prette
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