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The founders of IntellivisionWorld are glad to present a new exciting project.

By Valter Prette

A new brand
After a period of planning and much work already done without exposure, it is time to resume all the tasks and found an official brand. This brand will identify from now on the ideas, technical work and commercial initiatives we are working on: in December 2005 Elektronite is born! This is the name we choose to give you the impression of a new energy and renovation of the cultural background of  Intellivision community.

The spirit is alive
Electronic Thoughts” will be our slogan to propose a logical follow up of the original “Intelligent Television”. The spirit of the Intellivision is not sleeping anymore, but it’s alive thanks to the creativity if passionate people from all around the world: engineers, developers, professionals and journalist that we speak with daily by using the channels opened by IntellivisionWorld web site.

Elektronite official logo

Elektronite is born to give collectors a place where to show their propositions, an instrument to all the ones that want to contribute to the immortality of a home system that wrote down some of the most important pages in the history of videogames.

Elektronite wants to contact the best developers for Intellivision and give to them instruments, shared documentation, visibility on the network and economic help to make new games. We’ll try to build up a virtual community where to exchange informations and ideas, to convince the people to make for real what had been only a forgotten project until now.

Elektronite wants to contact artistic communities to obtain original artworks to use for manuals, character design, packaging and box art: we’ll try to give back to collectors the original quality that we were used to in the past.

Elektronite wants to contribute to the reengineering of productions process, cart design, manufacturing and distribution of new games, to speed up the work that is done at the moment by single passionate people using their own money. We want to give to anyone the possibility to make the step from a garage prototype to a real product for the community.

Elektronite wants to collaborate with international softcoms to open a communication channel between collectors and the famous developers that made the best classic games. We believe many of the important titles that never showed up on Intellivision can be recovered to complete it’s amazing software library. We’re already discussing with companies like First Star, Melbourne House, Addictive, EA, Dragonstone, Core and more, to understand the technical constraints and agree legal aspects of the porting of their games.

Elektronite is working since a while for all of this, and today we want to make our effort official and easy to identify by using a logo and a slogan.
We know our project is a long time term and not easy to accomplish, and we do not pretend to realize all our objectives like we imagine them today: we are confident anyway that many of our ideas can become real, thanks to your help and our work.

From today on, Elektronite will give his energy to the ever green console Intellivision!


Intellivision World

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