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The Official Intellivision Rarity & Price Guide

IntellivisionWorld is proud to announce the first edition of the Official Intellivision Rarity & Price Guide for collectors and stores.
A work done by Intellivision fan Valter Prette, available free for download!

Next editions will be posted each three months during the first year

By Valter Prette

Introduction to the Guide
This is the first edition of the Official Guide, made for all the collectors and the vendors of memorabilia for Intellivision.
Inside the Official Intellivision Guide you’ll find:

  • List of the carts with description and evaluation of rarity and value
  • Info on variants of the same game when published by different softcoms or in different countries
  • List of hardware variants
  • List of memorabilia and advertising
  • The top list of the most valuable items to collect
  • Estimation of time needed to find a particular game
  • Up to date report on eBay auctions and on-line retrostores prices
  • A look to homebrews and new production coming in the near future!
  • Info about rumored prototypes!

The Guide is born to solve a major problem of collectors: catalog the huge amount of games and collectibles available, offering a serious and documented study of rarity value.
Much info is available on the Internet, but simply not updated, or based on personal judgment.
There are several extremely rare items made in US and Brazil that are not documented or considered as vaporware, and no photo evidence about them!
Collectors are often not able to evaluate the price requested by vendors. The risk to waste money for hypothetic “rare” carts or, at opposite, to lose a good opportunity is just too high.
Vendors are as well not always aware of the value of items that they find.

Here is where the Guide is going to help you: a scientific instrument based on REAL auctions and REAL selling.
You also access to the most accurate info about prototypes and rumored ROMs, with pictures as well!

Where and when can I get it?
The Guide is a gift to all the Intellivision fans and, most of all, it is a tribute to the videogame history.
I decided to distribute this work for free exclusively at the IntellivisionWorld web site.
The Guide will be updated in a regular basis and next editions will be posted each three months during the first year.
Also, to all the people that support IntellivisionWorld and Elektronite projects and decide to be Paypal donators, we’ll send by email several exclusive updates, in advance to the upcoming editions.

Don’t wait more, download your copy and have fun!

Download now your free Guide!

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