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Welcome to the Second Edition

The first edition of the Official Guide had been an unpredictable success, reaching the 500 copies delivered by the web site. To this count must be added the paper versions that where delivered during Renaissance Day 01 and the ones that will be distributed by GameOverItalia and Revival (this last one in French version)!
Due to the collectors’ enthusiasm, it was time for the Second Edition to take place.

Download of the The Official Intellivision Rarity & Price Guide Second Edition is completely free.

By Valter Prette

What's new
In this edition we present several new features, and more are under study for the third one.
First of all, the pages are now 24! This amount is due to the new carts listed, and to the debut of a new section: the Overall Catalog by Year.
Starting from demo carts of 1979, the Guide will propose every and each software marketed for Intellivision, introducing a unique code.
The code is useful to record all the items from different companies and the different variants of the same software (e.g. Mattel games distributed by INTV with white label or Sears with a new boxart) by one single method.
In this way, it will be easy for collectors to find info about all kind of version they find and check it in the catalog.

Over 300 auctions reported
The previous sections get a huge update, thanks to over 300 auctions reported and to the exclusive recording of the store catalog, offering many rare memorabilia not found anywhere else!
The average value of the games are much more precise. Many new titles are present, especially focusing on Intelligame from Brazil and Atarisoft
The Top 10 becomes Top 20 to expose several new high priced items.
The prototype section is now filled by pictures of the games under development!

Totally free
And last big news: from this edition on, the Guide will be the first place where to find info about new projects of Elektronite! (check right now).
In conclusion: this is a major update, covering 88 carts already, and once again it’s totally free!

Download now your free Guide!

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