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Review of David Harley's Intellivision Library release 3.0.

The Intellivision Library is a "must have" you cannot miss!

Review By: Tim Cuttle (aka BIGTIMCUT)

Everything on the Intellivision
In preparation to this review I have spent several hours going through this DVD.
I'm amazed at the truck load of information, from video, sounds, pictures, documents and facts.
This DVD is a must have for any video game collector. My personal favorite is the Intellivision tv commercials, and the hidden code information on some games.
This DVD had to be years in the making and it shows!

Tons of documents
The disc will only play on your computers dvd player and is viewed through your Internet Explorer (just like a web site). I hope later versions of this dvd could be viewed on a regular home dvd player to be watched on a regular tv using your dvd remote would be cool!
Every game that was made for the Intellivision is well documented. Images of boxes, overlays, complete instruction booklets, cartridges, facts, trivia, hidden codes, and video images of the game play!  As if that wasn’t enough, the never produced games are documented as well!

A must have
Like I said, I have spent a few hours looking at this dvd and I could spend a few more just reading some of the classified scanned documents from cbs, Imagic, and Intellivision corp.
You'll find even more stuff like, advertisements, catalogs, all the Intellivoice sounds, press kits, magazines and great images of the rare keyboard component, and Tutorvision.
My hat is off to David Harley for all his hard work. Well, I have to go and back to testing and playing my Intellivision games!

Happy Collecting, Tim.

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