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Please come in, the door is open

IntellivisionWorld introduces the first and only web forum totally devoted to Intellivision: Intellivision users have finally a home where to meet and speak each day together, sharing the passion for this wonderful console.

The forum proposes sections for all kind of activities.
How to use the forum

It's so easy to join the community:

1. Connect to
2. Click on “register” and give your info for the login.

Now you can meet us: in the home page click “login” and you’re there.
When logged, you’ll be assigned to different categories of user, from newbie up to Intellivision Guru!
You can visit, read and write in any not private section, answer to messages by clicking “reply” or open new topics yourself. If you think an important argument could justify a new section opening, just contact the moderators.
If you are a developer or programmer and want to have access to IntyLab, contact moderators and they will provide login rights.
Write, write, and write lot of messages: we need to show to Atarians and other collectors that our lovely console got a huge and active community!

IntyLab is a private section reserved to developers. Only developers can access this area because they are able to freely speak about new games that they may not want yet to show around. Any announcement or topics that developers agree to show to anyone will be posted in the general forum.

By Valter Prette

Intellivision Head Quarters
After two months of hard work, IntellivisionWorld is proud to announce the opening of Intellivision Head Quarters, the first and only web forum totally devoted to the Mattel machine!
IHQ is a free forum, targeting developers, collectors and anyone interested in serious retrogaming.
The born of this forum is due to a critical lack ness in the retro computing underground: several well known places are available for Atarians and generic collectors, but nowhere was a place specifically for Intellivision fans.
Visiting IHQ you’ll find all that you’re looking for and you can propose yourself new arguments and sections.

Let's talk about...
Several topics are already opened where you can:

  • Sell and trade games, consoles and peripherals. All this without additional costs that you need to pay using web services like eBay!
  • Direct communicate with IntellivisionWorld staff (Valter Prette and Pierluca Bianchi) to actively participate to the making of the web site with your ideas.
  • Announce new products you’re working on that you want the community be aware of.
  • Organize meetings, conventions, expos.
  • Know collectors from over the sea.
  • Expose your collection and compare to the other ones.
  • Discuss about your preferred games and the good old times.
  • Show your best records and register the to TwinGalaxies.
  • Meet Intellivision developers.

IntyLab: the Intellivision development roundtable
Inside the forum you find a private section called IntyLab. This one is the first worldwide roundtable for Intellivision developers!
IntyLab will produce PDF guides (called white papers), a database of programming hints and algorithms, a network of tech online help and most of all new roms and new soft dev kits: in one word, a real professional laboratory!
With much satisfaction, we were able to bring all together many of the protagonists of the software and hardware development for this console, and we let them seat and discuss about new projects! Who know what could come out from those brilliant minds!

IntyLab was already joined by:

  • Joseph Zbiciack, developer of the famous 4Tris and the sdk jzintv; also best expert worldwide of Intellivision eprom programming; actually working to the game Space Patrol.
  • Arnauld Chevallier, a real guru of Intellivision; known for the game Stonix published by IntelligenVision; developer of several tools and demos; actually working on the porting of Defender of the Crown for Elektronite.
  • David Harley, co-developer of SameGames & Robots; probably the best expert of  Intellivoice programming; author of the must have Intellivision Library;  actually working on the project Space Patrol.
  • Chad Shell, hero of the community because of the creation of the Intellicart; actually working on the project CuttleCart3.
  • Michael Hayes, developer of SameGame & Robots; actually working on Fubar for IntelligentVision and Hunt the Dragon for Elektronite, and many more ideas of him.
  • Joe Grand, founder of Pixels Past and developer of SCSIcide for AtariVCS.
  • Kevin Horton, hardware customization expert, developer of the Intellivision multicart.
  • John Doherty, developer of ZombieMarbles and FireGirl.
  • 8 Bit Weapon, well known music group working on Intellivision tunes.
  • Oliver Puschatzki, console mods expert of Intellivision.
  • Ryan Kinnen, genius programmer; developer of MineHunter.
  • Scott Huggins, acclaimed developer of Spectar and Astro Invader for Colecovision.

More developers are considering the opportunity to join our community: among them, many Atari programmers and the founders of project Messiah. If you know more people involved in the retrogaming development that do not know this place, help us to contact them!
This extraordinary league of talents is being moderated, exclusively for us from Japan, by possible the maximum expert of Intellivision hardware, and writer of De Re Intellivision, William Moeller!

See you in IHQ, you find us there everyday.
Valter Prette & Pierluca Bianchi

Intellivision World

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