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Put the hand back to your joypads!

Connect your Intellivision to the TV and let us know what you’re able to do: IntellivisionWorld and Twin Galaxies teamed up to monitor Intellivision world records!

Since 1981 Twin Galaxies is the worldwide Authority on Player Rankings, Gamnig Statistics and Championship Tournaments
About Twin Galaxies

Twin Galaxies is the world authority on player rankings, gaming statistics and championship tournaments, with pinball statistics dating from the 1930s and video game statistics from the early 1970s. As the electronic gaming industry's premiere statistician, Twin Galaxies preserves the history of gaming in a historical database, which documents the historical milestones of the electronic gaming hobby as it evolves into a professional sport.
Founded in 1981, Twin Galaxies grew from modest origins as an arcade chain operator to gain recognition as the "official scorekeeper for the world of video game & pinball playing", invested with the authority to verify "official" world record high-scores and crown new world champions. The Twin Galaxies scoreboard was the creation of Walter Day, Twin Galaxies founder.

By Valter Prette

Are you better than the champions?
With emotion we write this article in order to announce "an historical" agreement between IntellivisionWorld and Twin Galaxies, as a result of which our web site becomes referee and scoreboard for all the Intellivision games!
Have you ever think about showing your game skills to the community? Wished to confront with the best scores all around the world?
Today you’ve a reason more to play again the wonderful games of Intellivision: we are looking for the new world champions!
Four new records had been reported already during the Renaissance Day 2 in Italy, at the Video Game History Expo: Worm Whomper (Massimo Onofri) and Minehunter (Nicola Ferrarese and Bianca Russillo).
IntellivisionWorld will open a Twin Galaxies Area where you will find all the Intellivision official scores, and your performance as national or world champion will be known by everyone!

How to testify a score
What do you need to do in order to testify a score:

  • Participate to conventions or Intellivision meetings where the referee Valter Prette is present and can verify your gaming session
  • You record your performance at home or in whichever other location with digital camera and send it to the referee.
    Contact in order to agree how to send the videos (gmail, msn, anyway you prefer in general).

We are waiting your scores! It’s time again to play in an Intelligent way!

Intellivision World

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