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Christmas Carol teaser
Courtesy of Dz-Jay

see the first [...]
Revival first magazine to introduce Elektronite
In the actual #44 of Revival, the Intellivision news page is introducing Elektronite as the new [...]
Elektronite at CGE 2012 Las Vegas!
Elektronite will have a stand at

D2K Arcade overlay art revealed!
As exclusive anticipation, we can show the overlay art for upcoming D2K [...] is online
See the new shape of the web site, where to find info on the upcoming games for [...]
Elektronite second release announced!
The second game in Elektronite lineup will be updated Minehunter from author R. Kinnen.

First game of 2012: SameGame&Robots ready to ship
SameGame&Robots is beginning delivery in US.
This release is the first game hitting market [...]
Facebook page for Elektronite
Elektronite is going to Facebook!!

2012: the best Year for homebrew
Intv collectors are expecting a lot from this 2012 :-)
See a resume of potential incoming games [...]
Mattel 1979 TV show
As reported in AA forum, see this very early TV promo on prototypal INTV

Mattel [...]
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