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Space Patrol announced for 2007 release!

The long time announced Lunar MP project is coming to the end!
The authors Zbiciack and [...]

Emulators survey: the complete list

Here we show actual emulators distribution based on the download tracking at IW in the last [...]

IntelliWare 0.1.21 available

The IntelliWare tool version 0.1.21 is now downloadable at

Xanadu added to emulator section
The emulator Xanadu is added to the emulator section.
We have posted all the emulators we know [...]
IntelliWare is downloadable in the emulators section

IntelliWare is from now on available to download at

IntelliWare 0.1.9 available
The development of emulator Gui + dev kit IntelliWare is going fast. The tool has totally integrated [...]
Inty emulators survey
Based on the download statistics we collected at IW in one Year, this is the classification [...]
Revival 31 is out

ReVival issue 31 is available. With this issue, there is a bonus: the rarity and price [...]

Intelliware! A visual software development kit for Intellivision!
To all the newbyes to Inty programming. Valter Prette is working on the development of a visual [...]
Elektronite: Defender of the Crown beta shipped to Cinemaware!
We delivered the first official demo of Defender of the Crown to Cinemaware for evaluation by the [...]
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