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400 copies of Guide edition II downloaded!
Today we register the download number 400 of the Rarity&Price Guide edition II.
The total [...]
Still more developers joined the IntyLab
Welcome on board to:
J. Doherty (Zombie Marbles, FireGirl)
R. Kinnen (Minehunter)
Chad [...]
Countdown to IHQ opening is started
The Intellivision Head Quarters community is under beta testing and the countdown to the opening [...]
Forum update: new developers subscribe!
The IntyLab (development section of the Forum) is proud to announce that several new developers [...]
The forum is in beta testing!!
Here we are!
The first and only Intellivision exclusive Forum on internet is under costruction [...]
Unbelievable rare AD&D advert from Italy
Here another advertising published by Mattel in one italian magazine for the AD&D launch
UR Burgertime advert from Italy

This is an extremely rare advert for the launch of Mattel Burgertime, hard to find even in Italy.

Intellivision Guide: the Brazilian version!

You find in the download area the fourth language translation fo the guide!
Thanks to the [...]

Picture of Defender of the Crown Advert
This is a picture of the manifest made for the announcement of Defender of the Crown during the [...]
Picture of Demo Cartridge from 1982
The only evidence of the Demo Cart edited in 1982 by Mattel is available in Germany.
Here you [...]
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