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Intellivision Renaissance Day 01 was a success!
We want to thank all the people who did partecipate and meet us at Milan Cartoomics Expo last saturday, [...]
Elektronite: copyright for Maniac Mansion under discussion with Activision
We contact Activison to consider the possibility to develop Maniac Mansion for Intellivision. Stay [...]
100000 pages visited! :-)
Due to the huge success of visits, we decide to annonce in occasion of the 100000 pages, the start [...]
Ms Pac Man, Phoneix and Vanguard made in Brasil for Intellivision?

Take it easy!
This is an ultra rare advertising picture coming from Brasil, actually referred [...]

The Official Intellivison Rarity&Price Guide to be translated in Italian
After several requests, we decide to distribute the italian version of the Guide: the edition will [...]
Elektronite: 8 Bit Weapon music group will produce Inty music!

Elektronite and 8 Bit Weapon make an agreement for the production of the music of next Inty [...]

Elektronite: Archon - Light & Dark. Free Fall Games give permission for development!
Big news!
We finally get permission from Free Fall Games to develop the smash classic hit Archon [...]
IW apply to Pixel Awards competition

IntellivisionWorld decide to apply to the all new web award competition Pixel [...]

IW interviewed by GoodDealGames!
Go and see the interview we made for the top retrogaming site GoodDealGames! [...]
We made it! The first Intellivision Renaissance Day take place in Milan 25th of march!
IW will attempt the Milan Cartoomics Expo for videogame collectors.
We gonna meet our italian [...]
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