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IW is now the most visited Inty web site in Europe!

Based on the analisys and comparison of hits, unique visitors, page visited and subscribers to [...]

Long life, Mr. Baer!

Ralph Baer has been honored with National Medal of Technology.
We all thank you, Ralph, [...]

Need to repair your Inty? We have the solution

IW starts a collaboration with Oldschoolgamer: those guys repair your Intellivision, no matter [...]

Rumored Solar Fox prototype for Intellivision: we testify it!
This is a detail of an old Coleco advertising, declaring that the game Solar Fox was actually [...]
20000 unique visitors to our web site!

The number of supporters is growing. How far can we go? How many people still own an Intellivision [...]

IW starts collaboration with magazine Revival
IW is proud to annonce a new collaboration with the european magazine
Elektronite: copyrights for Civilization declined by 2K Games

2K Games decide to refuse development copyrights for Sid Meier's Civilization. The project is [...]

Space Shuttle rom discovered
An unfinished rom of Space Shuttle is posted at
Thanks to [...]
Elektronite: copyright for Archon - Light & Dark under discussion with Free Fall Games

Elektronite keeps working on several collaboration with historic softcoms: this time we contact [...]

Elektronite: copyrights for Lode Runner requested to original coder Douglas E.Smith

The copyrights of Lode Runner are not anymore owned by Ubisoft/Broderbund, but acquired by the [...]

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