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Elektronite: art of Carl W. Rohrig
The famous painter C. W. Rohrig has given two years permission to Elektronite for using a selection [...]
Unreleased game King of the Mountain added
We added in the software area infos about the unreleased game King of the Mountain!
This is [...]
Elektronite: copyrights for Civilization under discussion with 2K Games
Elektronite and 2K Games are discussing the opportunity to port the classic hit Civilization on [...]
Elektronite: Hover Bovver, AMC and Gridrunner

Elektronite obtained the permission form llamasoft to develop the Jeff Minter classic Hover [...]

Two Coleco prototypes for Intellivision discovered?
According to a 1982 american games catalog, two games where announced for Intellivision and priced [...]
Official Rarity & Price guide coming in 2006
IntellivisionWorld is working on the Official Rarity & Price Guide, based on the tracking of [...]
The most valuable games: update 4
This is the new ranking

1- Spiker

2- Stadium Mud Buggies
Elektronite: a new game is under development!
Elektronite is proud to annonce that we start the development of a brand new game for Intellivision!
Detailed [...]
Elektronite & Intelligentvision to collaborate!
Elektronite and Intelligentvision (publisher of Samegame&Robots and 4-Tris) will join forces [...]
Elektronite: llamasoft agreement
Elektronite obtained the permission from Llamasoft to develop the Jeff Minter's classic games Attack [...]
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