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IntellivisionWorld fucusing on a new Inty Fanzine
After very long time... a new Intellivision fanzine will finally be made by IntellivisionWorld! We [...]
IntellivisionWorld presents Retrozone products

The rare USB connectors for using Intellivision joypad with PC/MAC emulators are available [...]

Retrozone products to be added in the Store
IntellivisionWorld and Retrozone agreement: we'll sell the rare USB connectors for [...]
IntellivisionWorld ranked 16th in Inty webrings
After 5 months online, IntellivisionWorld subscribed to the PageRank program to test the web popularity.
Homebrew rom games

Three new games under development in rom format by J. Doherty.
The programmer J. Doherty [...]

IntellivisionWorld becomes the Italian reference about Intellivision!

The site is growing in visits and now is the reference for Mattel retrogaming in Italy.
After [...]

Jeff Minter's Hover Bovver source code
Rumours about Hover Bovver code.
There are rumours about the ancient Jeff Minter's port of [...]
ebay auction record for Intellivision Spiker!

The biggest price ever recorded by ebay for an intellivision game!
The auction for the [...]

Nostalgia 4.2 is available

The latest version of Nostalgia in the download area.

Nostalgia is now updated to the [...]

IntellivisionWorld listed in Wikipedia

This web site is added in Wikipedia.

The online free encyclopedia [...]

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