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20000 pages visited!! Thanks people

Intellivisionworld reached the goal of the first 20 thousand pages visited.

After four [...]

IntellivisionWorld join the Retrogaming Roundtable

IntellivisionWorld is now registered at the Retrogaming Roundtable.

IntellivisionWorld [...]

Amidar and Sky Skipper projects discovered?

Two unreleased games from Parker Brothers have been discovered.

Thanks [...]

Rumoured new games from Intellivision Productions

Two new games may be showed in incoming events by Intellivision Productions.

The unpublished [...]

Rumoured Hulk game may exist?

The rumoured Hulk game from Parker Brothers could be not a legend: the box art is discovered.

We [...]

Parker Brothers rare box arts

Some rare box are now available to see in the Parker Brothers section. From today you find in [...]

Intellivision Library available in DVD

The Intellivision Library made by David Harley is available for purchase at

4-Tris games are sold out!

All 100 copies of Joe Zbiciak's classic 4-Tris re-release have sold out in a few days.

4-Tris, [...]

4-Tris now available

Videogame 4-Tris is now available in limited edition reprint on IntelligentVision [...]

IntellivisionWorld and MakeINTVgame merge

MakeINTVgame project and IntellivisionWorld website join forces to offer more professional contents.

MakeINTVgame [...]

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