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P-Machinery: the game engine for developing INTV games
DZ-Jay at Atariage proposed a very nice approach to basic INTV programming by distributing the [...]
New edition of Same Game & Robots to be published in 2012
Intelligentvision new product scheduled for 2012, see the nice boxart

Steve Orth collection of Overlays pictures added to Collector Guide
Thanks to Steve Orth for collaborating with the Collector's Guide by giving permission to use his [...]
The INTV brotherood
We point this [...]
New Donkey Kong variant discovered?
Smart guys at AtariAge find out this possible variant of CBS Donkey Kong for Australian market, [...]
The Intellivision Guide 2012 is ready
The new Intellivision Collector's Guide is ready for distribution :-)

Much additional work [...]
Ultra rare Bandai console picture
We can finally link a pic of the Bandai console ultra rare to find

9500 copies of the Intellivision Official Guide delivered! And Itunes distribution
The collector guide is available in Ipad format at Itunes

A [...]
DK Arcade is shipping
US users should already have received, EU will follow. Thanks to :-)
A new Inty website since ages
Take a look to the new Inty related web site sine long time.
Nice homebrew page.
Good luck [...]
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