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Homebrew Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost Of Christmas Presents is available
The latest homebrew for Inty, you find the rom at techunlimited

A look to homebrew development
Here some shots from the homebrew scene.
Hopefully one or more of those games will release as [...]
800,000 visitors to the website
Thanks to all Inty supporters. We reach to amount of 800k visitors since start, pretty impressing [...]
Donkey Kong Arcade coming in 2011

Running demo of Defender of The Crown available for download
Rumor: Star Wars Arcade proto
According to people involved in the Parker Brothers business back in the 80ties, the game Star [...]
Shiny Technologies closed: no more Nostalgia emulator development?
This is not a good news for Inty fans: Shiny Technologies is out of business since June 09.
Will [...]
Perfect replica of the lost Imagic Wing War prototype box

Based on information available about the design of the original Imagic prototype [...]

4Tris reprint shipped

The reprint of Intellivision game 4-Tris from Left Turn has been shipped to people that preordered.

Space Patrol shipped

The new Intellivision game Space Patrol from Left Turn has been shipped to people that preordered.
A [...]

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