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Official Guide 2008 free for download!

The Official Collector Guide 2008 is now available for free in pdf format!
Only difference [...]

Official Intellivision Guide 2008 is out!

The Official Intellivision Collector's Guide 2008 is out!

98 pages full color!!! (from [...]

Alessandro Pace's final report over prototypes
After one year of work, the collector (and IW collaborator) Alessando Pace's presents his well [...]
New Intellivision game out: Space Patrol
Space Patrol: the latest programming miracle is delivered to your home to show the Intellivision [...]
Want to see retrogaming Italian style?

Visits what we believe is the best retrogaming site in Italy, you can find useful links to ebay [...]

Intellivision Guide 2008 under work

The new edition for the Intellivision Official Guide is under work, and many new info are coming [...]

Tribute to Creativision

If anyone of you is a fan of Creativision, here you have big news: the all in one multicart [...]

3 millions visits to IW!
Time again to thanks all of you for the support: we reached the record of 3 millions visits since [...]
Intellivision CC3 Package: a wonderful product by Beeslife
If you bought a CC3 (Cuttle Cart 3), there is more you must do before you can [...]
Guide 4 free download!!!

After the publication of the printed version of the Guide at

here [...]

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