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Official Intellivision Collector's Guide 4 is out!

The new edition of the official Guide is out!
Now 59 pages with interviews to David Crane [...]

Intellivision Programming Contest 2007

The first Intellivision programming contest is now official thanks to Joe Zbiciack!

Write [...]

Intellivision Guide 4 to be published by Lulu.
The Guide goes for the fourth edition and will debut as printed book!
The new edition is 59 [...]
Space Patrol ready to rumble?

The development of Space Patrol seems to be done and the game's going under beta testing!

IW interviewed by Game

Here you find a new interview, published both online and in the paper magazine by Game. The [...]

National TV video from Intellivision Renaissance Day 03

Here you have an extract of the National TV video footage shooted in Empoli!

Renaissance day 03 on national TV!
The Renaissance Day 03 was hosted by
That was the chance during the 2 days event [...]
Rumor: Porky's prototype may exist
Thanks to the help of collector Jeff Rothkopf, we add to the Guide a scan of Electronic Fun 1983 [...]
Guides to composite video mod available

You find in the Download Area the latest guides for installing composite video mod on both Intellivision [...]

Renaissance Day 03 in Empoli
Meet IW staff in Empoli, Italy, the 3rd and 4th of March during expo :-) Demo of [...]
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