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[TwinGalaxies] Pole Position new world record

The affiliation with TwinGalaxies is getting results: TG becomes the official sponsor of the [...]

New Intellivision game: Kid Robin Hood

J. Doherty (Zombie marbles) is working on a new game: Kid Robin Hood.
Have a look at his [...]

[Elektronite] IntelliWare is the worldwide second emulator for Inty
Intelliware 0.4.46 already reached 700 downloads in very short time!
The accurate statistic [...]
Cuttle Cart 3 development in danger!

Every Inty supporter please have a look to the last post on the Cuttle cart 3 project at

Intellivision Guide edition 4 to debut at Renaissance Day 03

Renaissance day 03 will take place in Empoli, Italy the 3,4 of March 2007.
This will be [...]

The original Inty programmers on homemade video! Amazing!

Look to the cool people behind the Intellivision!!

[Elektronite] IntelliWare 0.4.46 released

The last version of the tool provides the option to save the compiled .rom from the source code. [...]

Intellivision programming lessons
We finally deliver to you the first two Inty programming lessons!
This is our attempt to help [...]
More SameGame&Robots ready to ship

Everyone who missed the first distribution of this game can now buy it at

If [...]

[Elektronite] IntelliWare 0.4 is available

Another major update of the IntelliWare tool.

New features:

- Play substituted [...]

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