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New Intellivision game: Rick Dangerous
Guys, the 2007 gonna be a very good Year for Inty. :-)
This is the latest game under development [...]
[Rarity Guide] The third edition of the Guide is out!

The Guide 3 is out!  

In this edition:

huge update of prices, [...]

[Elektronite] IntelliWare to have his dedicated web site
IntelliWare just reached Bliss in the second position of overall Emulators downloads at IW. The [...]
PSPInt updated to 1.0.8
In download/emulators we post the new version of the PSPint emulator.
New features:

- [...]
Elektronite: Defender of the Crown boxart to the final step

We are close to the final decision about the DotC boxart: we have two candidates from two different [...]

France: Vieuxmicro Expo to focus on Intellivision

The french collectors will be happy to know that the annual VieuxMicro  organised by Silicium [...]

1982 Intellivision advert

A video advert from '82 showing Intellivison retail at Hills.

Seems to be a never seen [...]

Elektronite: the first White Paper is ready

IntyLab prepared the first White Paper, available in PDF format to anyone who made or will make [...]

Pictures from the Renaissance Day 02
We show few shots from the Renaissance Day 02 in the forum at
Space Patrol in a very good shape

Space Patrol looks better and better everyday!
This project is proposed to you by D. Harley [...]

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