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IntelliWare 0.3.1 is out. Faster, better, lot of new features

The development of IntelliWare keep going and it looks much better now: I implemented a lot [...]

MakeINTVgame web site online again
10/27/2006 made a recovery service [...]

Official Intellivision Guide 3 is ready
The new Official Intellivision Guide 3 is ready and had been delivered free to donators.
2 millions visits to IW!
Another regtrogaming record broken by IW!
We just cross the line of 2 millions visits! Thanks [...]
Renaissance Day 02: what a success!

The second appointment for Inty collectors took place in Monza, near Milan.
More than 100 [...]

First Twingalaxies world record session will be at Renaissance Day02

Lucky italians will attempt to the first official Twingalaxies world records challenge at Monza, [...]

Intellivision Renaissance Day 02 to take place in Italy 21st of October

The second Intellivision meeting is ready!
During the most important expo of retrogaming [...]

Minigame Competition 2006: 4k results

The 4k category competition is closed.

The Intellivision game that partecipate to the [...]

IntelliWare 0.2.5: first dev tools implemented

Another big step in the development of IntelliWare!
The Source editing window is now enabled: [...]

Defender of the Crown at Classic Computing 2006

Latest demo if Defender of the Crown was officially presented to german audience by Michael [...]

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