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[Elektronite] IntelliWare 0.4 is available

Another major update of the IntelliWare tool.

New features:

- Play substituted by IWplayer: this is now a separated tool just for emulation.

- Emulator now supporting full screen!

- In Source: Find function substituted by Search and enhanced with highlighting of the text to find

- In Source: a standard template is now provided when starting a new project

- In Docs: added cp1600 instructions set and Intelllicart documentation


- Startup of the tool optimized: now 19% faster!

- Assembling on-the-fly optimized: now 22% faster!!

- Preload of IWplayer implemented to speed up the acces from the main interface

- In Docs: fixed a major bug when loading cp1600 documentation


- New roms tested and certified: Blob Art Demo, Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack, Fubar, Falling down, Tennis and more

- new roms tested, certified (with custom settings), assembled with IntelliWare and added to the packaged: Psycho Balls 1, Psycho Balls 2, Bankswitch Demo, Bankswitched World, Bouncing Pixels, ECScable, Geese, Gram Scroll 1 & 2, Hand Controller Scanning demo, RAM/Banksw Demo, ROM Checksummer, hello world


- you get two more games in the package: Stack'Em and Pong Again!

Download from

and Enjoy!!

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