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Intellivision CC3 Package: a wonderful product by Beeslife
If you bought a CC3 (Cuttle Cart 3), there is more you must do before you can play your first game.

You must:
Buy a micro SD card
Load your ROMs
Define your menu

and if you are inclined to...
Add the manuals...manually. You will also need to format them to 20 characters per line so they can be viewed properly on screen.

What is the CC3 Package?

In short, EVERYTHING you need in one small package. It includes the microSD card, all the ROMs, all the preformatted manuals, and the Windows software. Just plug the microSD card into the CC3 and start playing!

It is easy to find ROMs on the internet but where do you find 195 of them in one place!!??!! The Premium package will include ROMs you can only find HERE!

All the Colecovision games and Super Pro Football have been patched to work on the Intellivision 2.

All easter eggs are documented at the top of the manuals.

EVERY ROM in this collection has a manual.

Find more at

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