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Perfect replica of the lost Imagic Wing War prototype box

Based on information available about the design of the original Imagic prototype box for Wing War (courtesy of Alessandro Pace), Oliver Puschatzki has produced a real box which can be preordered now.
The colorful design, the shiny silver surface and the sturdy cardboard material are of superb quality which make this item a nice addition to any collection. The price per box is € 22,- plus shipping.
Alessandro Pace requested for Oliver to design the Wing War box as he found out, after a long research, interviewing almost all of the old Imagic staff,
the game existed. The prototype ROM has yet to be found but, with
Alessandro's tenacity, just may be.
Oliver and Alessandro worked together to design the box just as it was going to be made by Imagic. The pictures of the prototype box made in that age (and lost) were carefully examined and to design the back of the box were analyzed other Imagic Intellivision games boxes and the Colecovision version box; finally Alessandro got from Michael Becker the original screenshots of the game, that were going to be put in the back of intellivision box, to complete the work.
Analyzing those screenshots, Alessandro theorized that the complete game in Intellivision version had 24 screens (against 40 of the Colecovision one).
The names of the true programmers of the game were also discovered and
printed. Also the original special printing process of Imagic boxes was studied to try to make the box just like the old ones.

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