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Donkey Kong Arcade coming in 2011

It has been debated over the years if Coleco deliberately released a
poor version of Donkey Kong to make the Intellivision appear inferior to
its own Colecovision. After seeing games released by Imagic, it was
obvious that the Intellivision could produce smooth, colorful graphics.
But the question then became - how good could Donkey Kong have been?

Carl Mueller Jr. decided to fill in the blanks for
us. Donkey Kong Arcade started development in 2002. The biggest
challenge was how to implement the enormous number of moving objects
required for each level, while making them both smooth and multicolored.
An early version was attempted using the Intellivision's built-in EXEC,
but it soon became clear that it wasn't up to the task. He finally
decided to develop his own graphics engine, and was able to push the
console to its limit.

Donkey Kong Arcade makes the Intellivision shine. It
contains all intermissions, and all 4 arcade levels, with the added
bonus of being able to play as different characters - each with their
own strengths and weaknesses! This is the game that should have been
made in the 80's!

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