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With Intellivision the fun never stops! New games, collections, gadgets and more... Here we show you some of the Intellivision-related products available today.
Please note that IntellivisionWorld is not responsible for the trading of these products: this is just a showroom! The sale and assistance for the products shown here is made directly by the respective firms on their respective websites.

The Official Intellivision Collector's Guide

Edition IV by Valter Prette.
The final guide for Intellivision fans and collectors.
Rarity evaluation. Price evaluation. Interviews to developers. All the game and console variants documented with pictures. Prototypes described with evidence photos.
Printed: 59 pages, 8.5" x 11", perfect binding, full-color interior ink.

ReVival Retro Magazine

ReVival is the only european magazine totally devoted to alternative consoles since 1997.
Inside ReVival you can find the latest news and game reviews for every retro console, games tricks and tactics.
You will find dossier regarding historic companies, follow up of the several version of single games. Every number is 48 pages long on A5 format b/w and color cover.
IntellivisionWorld is one contributor to this magazine for the Intellivision section.

Intellivision Library DVD & CD
Many promotional materials consisting of dealer brochures, game brochures, sales catalogs, newsletters, advertisements, magazine articles / reviews, and videos were produced during the life of the Intellivision console. The time span for the release of this material was 10+ years, and the materials were created by different companies. Therefore, it has been virtually impossible for any one individual to see them all... until now!

Reproduction Boxes Set 1
Are you missing boxes from your collection but do not want to pay the high price? Do you hesitate on paying $500.00+ for a Spiker box? If you answer yes, then reproduction boxes are for you! These boxes are incredible! The feel of the box is just like the 83' boxes and the print quality is beautiful! These are NOT digitally printed. Each design will have a cartridge retention system.
These boxes feel like the original Mattel boxes!
The first set (1) of boxes consist of Body Slam, Congo Bongo, Learning Fun II, Spiker!, Thin Ice, World Series Major League Baseball.
Imagic Wing War prototype box
A perfect replica of the lost Wing War prototype box from Imagic, Intellivision version. The back of the box too is perfectly reproduced, using the pictures that were going to be printed in the original box.
The box, produced by Oliver Puschatzki with the help of Alessandro Pace, fits perfectly in any collection; production will be very limited due to the high cost of the silver foil.
Sold Out
Composite Video Out Modification by Oliver Puschatzki
The modification of the console is done adding RCA out connections for composite video and audio stereo. Weldings on the motherboard and holes on the chassis are necessary for this to work.  By means of these outputs you will be able to connect Intellivision to standard RCA of the television set that you usually find on the front.
Available for Europe only. For more information read the full cover story.
Sold Out
RetroZone USB Intellivision Controllers

Authenticity of original controllers with the simpilicity of USB. Use with any emulator or game that supports USB. Use on WinXP, Win2K, MacOS9, MacOSX, and more!
Intellivision RetroBox is a small inline adapter that plugs into your USB socket and into your controller. Works with removable controllers from Intellivision systems such as the Intellivision 2.
Intellivision RetroKit contains all the parts to upgrade your own Intellivision controller. You can even build real Intellivision ports onto your computer. Kit includes board and USB cable and requires soldering.


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