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Ludovic Jacomme sta lavorando al porting dell'emulatore jzintv su PSP.
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The Intellivision is the first system to feature downloadable games, but since it doesn't have a storage device, the games vanished once the machine is turned off. In 1981, General Instrument (manufacturer of the Intellivision's CPU) teamed up with Mattel to roll out the PlayCable, a device that allowed the downloading of Intellivision games via cable TV. Are you not thankful of Master Porters like Zx-81? Now you can have the Intellivision experience right in your PSP without having to go through all the trouble of downloading via cable TV.

The game allows the player to have control of a fighter plane guiding it through obstacles while dodging an assortment of unidentified flying objects to reach the level's end. Once the intro frame is up on the screen, press the Right trigger for options on the skill level of either one or two players. Launch the On-Screen Keyboard by Danzel and Jeff Chen to make a selection by pressing start. After making your choices just press Circle to go to the game proper.

I had to train my eyes to adjust to the graphics' perspective. It took me quite a while to actually know when an enemy plane is coming right at me. I also had my share of blowing my plane to smithereens because of the confusing directional buttons. The trick is, down is actually up and up is actually down. Pressing down makes your plane go higher to avoid those nasty walls and pressing up does the opposite, allowing you to blast those enemy planes.

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Instructions on loading Intellivision ROM files, key mapping files and compilation is provided in the Read Me file along with the game.

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