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Disponibile IntelliWare 0.3.1, completamente rinnovato

The development of IntelliWare keep going and it looks much better now: I implemented a lot of improvements and I have many more ideas to add in the future to make it THE Intellivision development kit.
The distribution of the tool is really promising since it raises already to the third place in the full list of all the emulator/dev kit available online according to download statistics, just after Nostalgia and Bliss, and it's already more popular than jzintv beta, that is integrated in it.

In this release you get so many improvements and I hope it would convince some of you to engage the intellivision programming: I'm also preparing programming lessons to provide with next packages!

Updates in 0.3.1:

- assembling on-the-fly is working!! you write your code in the text editor, then just push one button and play the game/program via emulator! No more line command or batch files to use!!

- the player now supports resolution 640*480 and 320*240 hi 65536 colors!
Also chipset indicators and box preview are available. The cmd window does not show anymore when running the emulator. Added support for .itv binaries

- button "ask val" implemented. With this you can write message and ask question to me directly, you click one button and a mapi routine will send the mail to me

- text editor is much improved by providing: richtextbox in place of standard textbox for writing, init dir for "open" and "save as" operations, [Messages] textbox for error logs and reporting

- the docs section is now accessible! I already integrated the manuals describing graphic memory specs ,Intellivoice and cp1600 architecture

- fixed the uninstall bug and minor layout errors

- you get in the package Stonix Remix and Spirit!

Do not wait: download your free copy at 
and send me comments please!


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