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Defender of the Intellivision

Elektronite is proud to announce Cinemaware's Defender Of The Crown for Mattel Intellivision.
This is the start of a partnership with softcom Cinemaware, legendary developer of several classics for Amiga and PC.

Defender of the Crown was the first killer application on Amiga computers
State of the art graphics and soundtrack helped to create a truly cinematic experience on Commodore Amiga

By Valter Prette

Where the magic come from
Cinemaware was originally founded in 1985, and since then has become a leading producer of entertainment software for game platforms and the Internet.
Cinemaware's catalogue of hit game properties includes Defender of the Crown, SDI, The King of Chicago, Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon, Rocket Ranger, The Three Stooges, Lords of the Rising Sun, It Came from the Desert and Wings.
These titles still reside among numerous "Best Games of All Time" lists in major game publications worldwide, have collectively sold millions of units across multiple platforms and are considered some of the most innovative games ever created.
For the first time, thanks to the collaboration with Elektronite, it will be possible to run one of those piece of history on the Mattel console.

About the game
Defender Of The Crown for Intellivision is a strategic/action game featuring brilliant soundtrack and graphics, pointer interface and multiplayer.
This is also the first strategic game since Utopia to become available for the console.

Who’s developing this?
Elektronite obtained the collaboration of one of the best programmer in the world for Intellivison: the famous french Arnauld Chevallier! author of the much acclaimed Stonix and many more project, like the first and only multitasking operating system running on this console.
Arnauld is already working hard on the porting of the game that he especially love, and we’ll present you very soon some footage about the work in progress.

The magic of Cinemaware is a huge part of the magic of videogame history, and we believe Intellivision to be the right place to live it again.

Cinemaware is a part of the magic of videogame history
Elektronite: this brand will identify the ideas, technical work and commercial initiatives we are working on!
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