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Elektronite wants you

Elektronite is a sponsor of the Minigame Competition 2006.
We are looking for developers that want to try making 4k or 8k games for Intellivision!
If you want to become famous in the Intellivision community, contact us to know more or send us your rom game: we take care to post it at the competition.

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Elektronite official logo
Monster Masher screenshot

By Valter Prette

The Minigame Competition 2006 is ongoing.
Check to have a look to the games proposed for all the platforms.

The Minigame Compo is the annual reference on the web for all developers interested in retro consoles.
This year Elektronite join the organization to push the development of Intellivision games, historically absent from the competition (only one post in the previous editions!).

Elektronite ask you to participate: you develop a game for 4k or 8k section, you send us the rom and a short description, we test the game with emulators and take care of the posting at the Minigame Compo.

The best game for Intellivision will be reviewed at IntellivisionWorld, and all the game will participate to win the multiplatform competition.

Elektronite is looking for new talents to develop games in cartridge format for Intellivision: we propose you to work on the porting of the game Monster Masher.
Everyone who wants to try will get our help, the original C source code and the exclusive technical support of the person who made the porting of the game on Colecovision!

Do you want to show your ability? Do you want to become famous in the Intellivision community? Elektronite wants you!

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