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How to emulate Intellivision on PSP

PSP is probably the favourite emulation console of the moment. All the major consoles from the 80’s and 90’s can also be played on the Sony portable.
Except Intellivision.
The developer Ludovic Jacomme, known as zx81 inside PSP tribes, finally proposed the first attempt to revive our preferred game console: the PSPInt (version 1.0.3).

The first emulator of Intellivision for PSP is finally available, and Intellivision World is the first site worldwide to propose a test on the road!
Last minute update
zx81 just release the version 1.0.4 of this product, including the following improvements:
- Second joystick support
- Add keys to the virtual keyboard
- Option to toggle between players
- Auto racing works now on this emulator

By Massimo Onofri aka Tripodbrasil

The solution proposed by LJ is a port of the well known JZINTV emulator by J. Zbiciak. The version of the emulator supported is actually the
20051204 (not the 1.0beta recently released: see news section).
The supported firmwares are 1.5 and 2.0.
I did try several Intellivision roms and each one of them ran properly, except however Auto Racing.
Some improvement could be done for the settings, they are not very easy to use, but in general the product is already stable and a very good start. Let's see how to use it together.

You need to download the zip file available also at Intellivisionworld, open it on your PC and you'll find the directory pspint-v1.0.3.
According to your firmware you need to copy the correct contents to your PSP memory stick. The dimension for the tool is around 1MB, so there’s no need for large storage capacities. The fastest way to perform the operation is to use a memory card reader, otherwise just connect the PSP to your computer using a USB connection point.
Now you should copy all your games in the subdirectory ROM ROM. Note that the emulator accepts all file formats: .zip, .rom, .int, .itv and .bin.
When you've done, you can start with the settings.

To access the memory stick you need to see the icon PSPINT. Click on it, confirm the feedback message and a menu on a black background will be
opened: this is where you can launch your games and change your preferences.

Here you can set the following:
SOUND ENABLE. This is to decide to emulate sound or not. I noticed that by deactivating the sound, several games run much faster, so you should consider this possibility.
SKIP FRAME. This looks to be almost useless: I tried many configurations but I did not experience any change in speed or quality of the animation.
RENDER MODE. You can decide to play with full screen or not. Using the full screen emulation is quite slow at the moment.
SWAP ANALOGUE CURSOR. This is to move the cursor with analogue pad. Better to use default option in my opinion.
CLOCK FREQUENCY. This is the most important option you have. You can raise the clock and speed up gaming experience. Default value is 222, I suggest after several attempts set it to 333.
SAVE SCREENSHOT. Save the actual screen of the game: very important to prove your records!
LOAD ROM. Set the directory where to download your ROMs.
KEYBOARD. You can configure the buttons of your PSP. Default setting is good enough, but in case you can change almost everything.
SAVE CONFIG. Obviously save the actual configuration.
RESET. Somehow like the Intellivision reset, this will start the last chosen game.
BACK. When you start the menu setting during a game session, you can go back to the game and restart exactly from the same position. This is very useful.
EXIT. To go back to standard PSP menu.

As the first the emulation available for Inty, this is a good attempt and I'm confident new releases will fix the few bugs that are currently present. Compatibility is already very good, but some games are really too slow, and our best suggestion is to raise clock frequency. The settings are definitely important, so spend some time on it!
Waiting for the next version, bring your PSP and go back to the 80’s thanks to Intellivision!

Download now PSPInt

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