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Pole Position
Title: Pole Position
Brand: INTV
Part Number: 9004
Alternate titles : -
Development status: Published
Year of publishing: 1988
Developers: Mark Urbaniec, Connie Goldman, David Warhol
Take the controls and wait for the green light. 3...2...1...YOU'RE OFF! Your engine roars! Shift into high, weave through the pack, and pull out into the open! A tight curve! Tires scream! You start to skid -- and another car is right in front of you! Swerve onto the grass, race ahead, then back onto the track just before smashing into a road sign! Gun it -- seconds count -- and you're across the finish line in record time! But that was just the qualifying lapů Exciting point-of-view graphics, realistic sound-effects, and non- stop action put YOU on the racetrack! Four different courses to challenge you! Run a qualifying lap to earn a starting position in the big race! Run the lap fast enough and earn the Pole Position! Fast reflexes and faster wits are needed to pass computer- controlled racers! The competition gets tougher the better you get! All the thrills of the arcade classic! [Description courtesy of Blue Sky Rangers]
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