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Championship Tennis
Titolo: Championship Tennis
Marca: INTV
Part Number: 8200
Titoli alternativi: -
Stato di sviluppo: Pubblicato
Anno di pubblicazione: 1985
Sviluppo: Patrick Aubry, John Fiddes
Descrizione italiana in corso di realizzazione. You can play alone, against your Intellivision unit or with another player either in singles or in doubles. You can even let your Intellivision take both sides and just watch. Maybe you'll see some weakness. Go ahead conquer Paris, New York, and Wimbledon if you can. You will need both great concentration and strong legs to win at Championship Tennis. Play locations such as Flushing Meadows, Roland Garros, Wimbledon. In Championship Tennis you are in charge. See if you have what it takes to win the "grand slam"! Championship Tennis is an advanced version of the original, successful Intellivision Tennis. You will feel the tension and excitement of some of the great courts in the world, as you serve deep to your opponent's backhand and return a lob with a smashing overhead, just out of reach of your opponent's outstretched racquet. It will require skill, dexterity, cunning and wits along with plenty of practice to master Championship Tennis. [Description courtesy of Blue Sky Rangers]
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