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Stadium Mud Buggies
Titolo: Stadium Mud Buggies
Marca: INTV
Part Number: 9100
Titoli alternativi: -
Stato di sviluppo: Pubblicato
Anno di pubblicazione: 1989
Sviluppo: Rick Koenig, Connie Goldman, David Warhol
Descrizione italiana in corso di realizzazione. Gear-grinding, teeth-jarring excitement - it's STADIUM MUD BUGGIES! Get behind the wheel and floor it! Take that first hill - you're airborne! SMACK! Bad landing - you stall - your opponent passes you! Jam it into gear - your wheels spin, throwing mud everywhere - finally some traction! You're back in the race! A car in your way? Crash over it! You're catching up! Drawbridge aheadů and it's rising! Use it as a ramp - gun it! - take off and YES! A perfect landing as you zoom first across the finish line! Realistic graphics, animation and sound effects put you right on the track! 9 events pit you against merciless obstacles: Hill Climb! Drag Race! Bog! Tug-O-War! Car Crush! Donuts! Drawbridge! Combo Course! And the MONSTER RALLY - all events combined into one ironman challenge! Compete alone, against a friend, or against the toughest computer driver ever! [Description courtesy of Blue Sky Rangers]
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