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Internet web pages dedicated to Mattel console.

Intellivision Lives

Official Intellivision website by Blue Sky Rangers.
English language.
Intellivision Gaming Network
Dedicated to Intellivision community support.
English language.
The Video Game Museum - Intellivision
Game Pics related to Intellivision videogames.
English language.
Intellivision Brasil
Brazilian website dedicated to Intellivision.
Portuguese and english language.
Intellivision Gumbo
Pictures of rare Intellivision hardware, games, catalogs and fanzines.
Videogame Connection - Intellivision
Intellivision section of online store Videogame Connection.
The Videogame Critic

Videogame articles and reviews on about 30 game platforms.
Good Deal Games

Dedicated to retrogaming and collectors.
English language.
Game Over?

Gameshop in Amsterdam. Buy and sell used games/consoles/handhelds.
Intv Funhouse

Monthly updated contents, resources on games, manuals and overlays.
English language.
Intellivision Hot Spot
Official website of Psycho Stormtrooper, author of the Orphan Overlays.
English language.
Intellivision & Atari Forever
Dedicated to games. Atari related subjects also available.
English language.
Intellivision games on arcade cabinet
Play Intellivision games via emulation on an arcade cabinet.
Mini Game Compo
Annual competition for small-size home made games.
Newsgroups & forum

Newsgroups and forums dedicated to Intellivision system.

Yahoo Intellivision Programmers
Newsgroup focused on videogames programming.
English language.
Yahoo INTV

Dedicated to classic videogame systems (Atari, Colecovision, Intellivision, Vectrex, ecc...).
English language.

Networks of related websites.

Intellivision WebRing

Here you will find lots of news and resources on Mattel system.
Intellivision Gaming Network

The new home of the Intellivision Webring.

Intellivision World

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