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A new Intellivision console found by Ted Brunner

In the late eighties INTV Corp. licenced the Intellivision hardware to World Book (the makers of the encyclopaedia line) to release a dedicated version of console with special educational software.
Unfortunately the entire deal fell apart with both companies suing each other and the system was scrapped before it ever hit production.

The "orange" Intellivision

The TutorVision is a mix of different INTV models: World Book console has a power on LED just like the INTV III, but the buttons on the keypad are bubble-style and not flat like the INTV III.
The "orange" Intellivision has a distinctive appearance: grey and gold cladding and trim, a blue plastic encircles the keypads, the Tutorvision logo on the top portion of the console, and the World Book emblem on the bottom, the power-on LED on the lower right in between the off/on switch and reset.
On the inside there are some changes from the old Intellivision model I: the boardset is now just a single board, the chips are all dated 1988-90, the board is dated 1988.

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Intellivision World

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