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Even though Intellivision consoles production has ended more than 15 years ago, a dedicated community of fans continues to keep alive the interest, developing new games and operating systems.
You can find here the resources for Intellivision videogames development. Every application can be tested using one of the available emulators.

SDK-1600 Software Development Kit
Software Development Kit for General Instrument CP-1600 programming, developed by Joseph Zbiciak.
SDK-1600 i ncludes demos, samples and library functions.
Available for Windows and MacOS-X systems.
>> Download SDK-1600 >> Visit SDK-1600 official website
IntyIDE (Intellivision Programming Integrated Development Environment) developed by Joseph Fisher.
Available for Windows systems.
>> Download IntyIDE >> Visit IntyIDE official website
IntyOS is a multitasked operating system for the Intellivision console. It includes a powerful GUI which handles a mouse pointer, windows, menus, icons, etc. Developed by Arnauld Chevallier and Joseph Zbiciak.
>> Download IntyOS >> Visit IntyOS official website

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